“No Money, No Honey” Is That True?

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“No Money, No Honey” Is That True?

Since I was a eighteen, I have heard this quote very often from my male friends. From my personal experience, I am convinced that “No money, no honey”

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Since I was a eighteen, I have heard this quote very often from my male friends. From my personal experience, I am convinced that “No money, no honey” is not true. I have seen a millionaire who is not happy with his life and has no honey. I have seen many men who have no money, but have their honey. Their honey stay with them through good time and bad time. There is such thing call “no money, but have got honey.”

I would love to share with you about my story. This happened in 1995 in Thailand. I met with an American man who I had always dreamed of. I wanted to have an American boyfriend. There he was. We met and fell in love. Then, I asked him to marry me. This might sound strange that a woman asked a man to marry her. Anyway, I did. I asked him to marry me because I loved him and wanted him. Here was what he said “I don’t have money. I don’t have a home in America. I have nothing. I am fat. I am poor. I am old.” He was 12 years older than me. He was over 200 lbs. I said “I don’t care about what you say to yourself. I love you just the way you are. I don’t care you are poor. What I want is you.” He said “I am scared.” He was afraid that I would leave him for someone who had more money. I said “If you love me, that is more than enough. We can survive.” We had that conversation for a long time. Until one day he accepted my proposal. My love was stronger than his fear.

That was not the end of the story. As a Thai woman living in Thailand, in our culture, I must have had an approval from my parents. There was dowry required. The value of a woman depends on how much money a groom would offer to the parents of the bride. Well, my groom at the time had no money. I spoke with my parents. Of course they wanted the dowry that my groom did not have. My father said to me “I will not go to your wedding. You are not my daughter. If you are going to get married with an American, why don’t you get married with someone who had a lot of money.” My groom had nothing, but himself, and I did not care. I wanted his heart and I loved him deeply. Nothing stopped me from being with the man I loved. I decided to have our wedding at a Thai temple without the dowry and without my dad that day. My mother, grandmother, sisters, relatives, and a few friends came to our wedding though which was great.

I did the right thing because I followed my heart. I broke the rule of the Thai society. I left Thailand to the unknown to be with my husband in America. We never had a house. We rented someone’s room. We were homeless a couple times. One time while walking along a street in California, he sang this song “Even though we ain’t got money, I’m so in love with you honey. Everything will bring a chain of love…” All we had was 2 pennies in his pocket. That was it. Yes, we had 2 pennies; no home, no car, no money in the bank account, no credit card, nothing but the love that we had for each other. We did survive! No money, I survive. No love, I would cry or die.

The point of my story is that I would like to share with you hopes, love, and dreams. You deserve to have your woman to love you, cherish you, appreciate you and trust you. You really do. If you are searching for love, don’t give that up. The right person will love and accept you for who you truly are. There are some women who do not care how much money you have in your bank account, how big your house is, or how big your brain or anything else is. Believe in yourself and trust your loving heart. Love will find you and you will find it.