5 Tips for Dealing with an Angry LDR Partner

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5 Tips for Dealing with an Angry LDR Partner

When you find out that your partner is angry, you may automatically come over and persuade him to immediately subside his emotions. Usually a hug from

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When you find out that your partner is angry, you may automatically come over and persuade him to immediately subside his emotions. Usually a hug from your partner can calm your anger. However, it’s a different story if you and your partner are now in different cities, islands, or even different countries. Yes, facing a partner in a long distance relationship, aka a long distance relationship (LDR) who is angry, is certainly not as easy as meeting him and talking privately. What should be done so that your partner’s emotions don’t drag on? Find out the right way to deal with your angry LDR partner below.

How to deal with an angry LDR partner

Whether because of trivial things or even big ones, arguments certainly have an unpleasant impact on relationships. Plus if you and your partner are now being separated by a distance.

Efforts to dissolve emotions will be different from when you and your partner were not involved in a long-distance relationship. Getting angry is indeed a partner’s right and it’s okay to do it.

It’s just that, so that the LDR relationship warms up again, here are some ways to deal with an angry partner:

1. Understand the reason for the anger

There must be a reason behind an anger. Maybe you did something that annoyed him or you have a different principle that you have done, which made him angry. Take, for example, you’ve promised to call him when you get home from work. But you do not intend to forget, you are so tired that you fall asleep before you have time to call your partner.

Realizing what is the main reason behind their anger can make it easier for you to apologize and deal with an angry LDR partner. If you find that you don’t realize what makes him angry, it’s okay to ask but with a gentle approach.

2. Do not give silent treatment, instead give him/her a persuasive talk

Facing an angry LDR partner by silencing him will certainly not solve the problem. Instead of continuing to let this problem drag on, ask your partner to spend time talking over the phone or video call.

Ask him to explain what he is feeling and to let you out all of his guts. Tell them that keeping your anger on your toes will not make your relationship any better.

Then, let him know if there is any reason why you did something wrong to make him angry. Do not forget, also apologize for your mistakes.

For example, say that you are ready to call him, but without realizing that you fall asleep while waiting for him to be ready to be called.

3. Avoid getting carried away with emotions

When you are talking about an issue that is upsetting your partner, you can respond with your own opinion. As much as possible avoid getting carried away with emotions, even to the point of getting angry back at your partner. This is not the correct way to deal with an angry LDR partner.

Instead of solving problems, getting carried away with emotions can actually worsen both of your problems. If your partner seems cackling about cornering you, you have the right to voice your own opinion. The point is, if there is something you need to say, don’t hesitate to say it even if it is your fault.

But still remember, don’t be too pushy and make sure you are still able to control your emotions when talking to your partner.

4. Give them time to cool down

After you’ve apologized and shared your reasons, try to see how your partner reacts. Have you melted his emotions and he has forgiven you? But if, on the other hand, he seems to need time to reflect on his annoyance with you, it’s okay to give him a little time.

At least, until your partner’s emotions are completely under control and no longer angry with you. Also tell him to tell you right away when his emotions are more stable.

Usually, after applying the method of dealing with an angry LDR partner by giving it time, it can make your partner’s heart more tender and want to get back to you.

When your relationship gets better, try not to bring this up again later. Don’t forget too, as much as possible avoid the mistakes that have been made.

5. show your partner that you will always be by his side

Don’t forget to cheer up your partner when he’s angry. Tell him that even if he is angry, you will not leave him and stay by his side. This is important so that your partner’s feelings do not turn into insecurities after he gets angry with you. Show that it is safe for them to express their anger and that you still love each other.

That way, it can keep you and your partner lasting and rarely fight during long-distance relationships.