5 Secret of Successful Dating by Telephone


5 Secret of Successful Dating by Telephone

The development of technology now allows many people to connect with each other, including the matter of finding a partner. After getting acquainted o

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The development of technology now allows many people to connect with each other, including the matter of finding a partner. After getting acquainted online, you can continue to interact by phone or video call. But hold on, not too fast either. Even so, coming on the phone also runs the risk of creating a misperception of your crush.

So, what should be done so that face-to-face dating can still be successful? This is the secret.

Phone dating tips

Too many calls, call at the wrong time, or even run out of conversation topics can thwart your attempts to get closer to the person you like.

Here are some tips that you can try to make dating run smoothly:

1. Ask him/her if he feels comfortable communicating over the phone

Not everyone likes to communicate intensely over the telephone. This is because conversations by telephone are prone to causing misunderstandings between one another. Especially when you are still new in your dating.

After a few dates and showing the green light, it should be easier for you to ask this question. So, try asking him/her what kind of communication makes them more comfortable. At the first, just run a persuasive chat with them. Slowly but sure, you can develop them more into phone talking.

2. Discuss what is interesting

Use the phone to discuss interesting things, which are too complex to convey in a text message.

You can talk about the latest movies, places you want to visit, recreational plans, or anything else that can start a conversation.

Interesting telephone conversation is one of the best strategies for dating. This method also shows that you are not the only person who can only make small talk via text message. You can also get to know each other better.

3. Call to discuss important matters

Psychotherapist and author, Dr. Jenn Mann, suggests that you talk on the phone only to discuss important matters in the early stages of dating.

So, if you want to talk about something interesting, make sure that the topic is not a small talk of small talk.

If necessary, call him on the phone to ask when he has free time to ask him to meet in person.

Save your small chats until it’s time to meet up. That way, you will not run out of topics of conversation.

4. Don’t talk for too long

Have you ever felt bored when chatting with someone? Something similar can happen when calling.

Talking that is too long can make a person feel bored, especially if you haven’t known the person for a long time.

Calling for a long time may not be a problem when done with a partner. However, it is different when you are still in the early stages of making phone calls.

Everyone’s energy will peak, then drop as the conversation starts to get tedious.

5. Discuss positive things

During the approaching process, you will want to demonstrate the strengths that make someone like you. This goal will not be achieved if you constantly complain or talk negatively on the phone.

Talking over the phone with your crush should be filled with topics that are fun and generate positive energy. Talk about things that get you and your loved one excited. This will make him want to call you again. You can start with conversations related to hobbies and other things he likes.

However, you don’t need to worry. Ask him to meet in person to make a point that didn’t get across.

However, face-to-face is the most effective form of communication and making calls is only one of the many ways to support a good relationship.