6 Reasons Why Dating is More Beautiful than Marriage

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6 Reasons Why Dating is More Beautiful than Marriage

Many people say that dating period is more beautiful then when you are now in marriage life. This is why, many people prefer to stay in dating period

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Many people say that dating period is more beautiful then when you are now in marriage life. This is why, many people prefer to stay in dating period rather than continue to marriage. So, what is the cause? Find out through the following reviews.

The cause dating period is more attractive than marriage

Reporting from Men’s Health, according to Damon L. Jacobs, a relationship expert and author of Rational Relating: The Smart Way to Stay Sane in the World of Love, many people are more comfortable being involved in the dating period than moving into marriage life. Jacob said that there are 5 important things that are the cause, including the following:

1. You always want new things

At the beginning of falling in love, your brain will release several chemicals at once, including dopamine, adrenaline, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. All of these hormones are natural hormones that trigger feelings of happiness and euphoria in you.

These hormones often appear when you are still new with someone. This is why, you will continue to look for new things so that these hormones continue to flow in you to supply a sense of happiness. So it’s no wonder that the dating period, especially your first date, is more memorable and interesting for most people.

According to Jacob, when you switch status to marriage, the presence of this hormone tends to get messed up at the same time. As a result, the feeling of happiness that previously appeared will slowly disappear. In fact, over time, you will feel the relationship fade with time.

2. There are rarely any problems during dating period

If you look at romantic films in the style of teenagers today, the storyline is definitely about love conflicts and success in overcoming them together. Most films end feeling happy. Yes, it’s that simple. But make no mistake, this can affect the way you think.

There are not many films that tell how two people in a relationship can maintain their togetherness over the years. This is because long-term relationships are considered less attractive, full of conflict, and tend to be boring.

The dating period is rarely filled with conflicts. Also, if there is a conflict, the conflict that occurs is only minor conflicts that can be resolved quickly. Unlike during marriage, where the problems that arise are generally important problems, and it takes a while to fix them again. Well, this could be one of the reasons why the dating period is more beautiful than marriage.

3. Still want to find new people

The desire to stay in the dating period rather than move on to dating relationships could be because you are still in the search phase. Like a proverb while diving for water, you form an approach with your idol while looking for other figures who might complement your life.

Actually, this is not wrong to do as long as you and your partner are not yet bound in a marriage relationship that requires each other to be loyal. Yup its more easy to break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, rather than divorce you husband/wife.

4. Need attention, not the person

Not a few people who only take advantage of a relationship only to fulfill their emotional desires. This means that you may have been too comfortable getting attention and affection than the presence of the him.

If you are already a husband/wife, usually the slightest problem in the relationship can affect the amount of concern for each other. So, you may not be ready for a relationship for fear of not getting your partner’s attention in the future. As a result, you chose to be in the dating period rather than marriage.

5. Not ready to be loyal

The assumption that the dating period is more beautiful than dating relationships can arise because you are not ready to give full love and attention only to your partner. In addition, you may not be ready to work with your partner to build a healthy relationship.

Basically, there is nothing wrong with this. The most important thing is to discuss and communicate about this relationship with your sweetheart. Speak from heart to heart to determine each other’s relationship priorities.

Ask yourself again, do you really want a lasting relationship or do you just want to be limited to an approach that’s all? Consider again whether the effort of this approach will be worth both of your goals.

6. Marriage comes with greater responsibility

Dating is beautiful because it still fun, full of laugh and the strong desire that you have for each other. It does not mean that in marriage you will lost all of them. However, marriage are not always about love, it also about responsibility.

You have responsibility as a husband, and even as a father if you decide to have kids. With that in mind, you and your partner need even more stronger commitment and effort to maintain your relationship. This is the challenging part that sometimes people see it as “less” appealing than when they are still in dating period.