Simple Ways Having a Giving Heart Will Bless Your Life


Simple Ways Having a Giving Heart Will Bless Your Life

Giving from the heart has no strings attached. It has no conditions. When you give freely without expectation, your heart expands for more love to ent

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Giving from the heart has no strings attached. It has no conditions. When you give freely without expectation, your heart expands for more love to enter. As a result you have more love to give. When you give more, it makes you happy. The more you give, the more you receive. You feel fulfilled with love, joy, and happiness.

There are 9 simple ways to give from the heart.

1.Your Smile

You have a unique and attractive smile! Your smile can light up someone’s day. If you go out in public whether it is a grocery store, post office, or a mall, practice being conscious and giving a smile to a clerk or someone you feel the call to do so. If you go for a walk and see people pass by, give a smile to those people. It does not matter if the other people will give you a smile back. It is not the point. The point is giving without expectation. You indeed give that happiness to yourself because you feel happy inside when you give.

2.Your Touch

Give your loved ones your personal touch by holding, hugging, or cuddling. Pet your dog or cat. Give your friends a hug. Hugging feels good! People love to be loved and held. Even pets love to be touched. Giving your gentle and sweet touch to your loved ones or your pets will make both givers and receivers happy.

3.Your Kind Words or Compliments

People like compliments. Saying kind words and giving compliments make people feel good. Practice giving compliments and saying kind words everyday. Find something that you can authentically give compliments to another person whether it is about physical appearance, actions, or even a smile. You will feel the power of compliments.

4.Your Attention

Set aside sometime to give your full attention to people you talk to. Be fully present with your spouse, children, parents, friends, or neighbors. When you speak with the other person, make eye contacts and look at the other person with love. Listen deeply to spoken and unspoken words. Listen with love and without judgment or adding your own opinion. If you think you are right about things, practice allowing the other person to be without judging him/her. Just listen from the heart. Pay full attention while speaking by making eye contact and listening deeply.

5. Your Time

Time is precious. There is time for everything. There is time to be with yourself. There is also time for you to be with others and give yourself to others. You can give your time away by listening to your friend’s problems or writing notes, e-mails to your friends or loved ones or calling your friends to say “hi” or simply saying “Thinking of you”.

You can give your time by listening to someone’s troubles. When someone calls you up and wants to talk, you can listen to someone with love. People want to be heard. Just listen attentively and deeply.

6.Your Knowledge

You can give away your knowledge by sharing what you have learned in life or some information that might benefit others. Sharing your wisdom with others is a great gift that you can give. People will appreciate your knowledge.

7.Your Thanks

Give thanks to life and everyone you are in contact with. Express your gratitude in a loving way. Tell people that you appreciate them for being in your life. Think of anything that you appreciate them for and express it by saying or writing it. Send e-mail, texting, letters, or give them a call to express your gratitude toward the other person. Let people know how you feel about them. Say “Thank You” for being in your life and helping you in some ways.

8.Your Kindness

Be kind to everybody. Opening a door for someone is kind. Helping people when they need help is kind. Being tolerant, and considerate is kind. Be kind in thoughts, words, and actions. What does being “kind” mean to you? Being kind makes you feel at peace with yourself. As a result, you bring peace to those around you.

9.Your Love

Everybody needs love. You can start giving love unconditionally to yourself first. Love yourself greatly. Respect, accept, and forgive yourself for all the mistakes you make. Once you can give love to yourself unconditionally, it will be easy for you to love others that way. If you love someone, then express it in thoughts, words, and action. Say “I love you.” to your loved ones. Actions sometime are not enough. Words of love need to be heard too.

When you give from the heart, you feel so much joy and happy within yourself. No one can take this happiness away from you.

Everything starts within your heart. It is very important that you give all the above to yourself first. It has to be given unconditionally. When you love yourself unconditionally, you are more willing to do the same to others.

When you give with love and detach from the outcome, you benefit from it. The result is that you find peace, love, harmony, and happiness within your loving heart. You have earned that blissful feeling by giving yourself away. You become happier and live a purposeful life.

With Love and Gratitude,