5 Ways to Deal With Ghosting


5 Ways to Deal With Ghosting

In recent years, the term ghosting has become popular in today's modern dating world. So, what exactly does ghosting mean? You are currently underg

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In recent years, the term ghosting has become popular in today’s modern dating world. So, what exactly does ghosting mean?

You are currently undergoing an approach or a relationship with someone. Suddenly, without warning, he disappeared. No phone calls, no messages, no conversations on social media, he doesn’t even respond to all your messages. You also know that he is actually still alive and disappeared not because of urgent family needs. He just ended the relationship suddenly, without giving you an explanation. If you experience this, that’s what is called ghosting.

Ghosting is basically a vague and indecisive rejection from your date or partner. This makes ghosting victims feel confused, hurt, and even traumatized. If you feel left without a definite answer, hanged, or ignored, you may be a victim of ghosting. Here are the signs that your boyfriend or girlfriend may be ghosting you:

1. It took a long time to reply to your message

The first sign that you are being ghosted your boyfriend or date is that he or she will suddenly reply to your messages for a very long delay, which is unusual. He can also reply to your messages briefly with just one word or just an emoji.

2. Not giving messages for days

Has he suddenly given you no news or messages for days? It could be a sign that he is ghosting you. Especially if there is no reason for him to ignore you.

3. Canceling any meetings with you

Do you feel like he is ignoring your feelings? Or is he suddenly unable to meet up for classic reasons? Be alert, it could be a sign that you are being ghosted!

4. Cannot be reached at all

Someone can be busy and ignore your messages or calls every now and then. However, he who is serious about you will not ignore you for very long. There will always be time to give you a message, greet you on video call, or meet up.

However, if he is ghosting you, he is not going to call you at all. This is a clear sign that you are being ghosted.

5. Suddenly block all your contacts

The ghosting actor, will suddenly disappear as if he was swallowed up by the earth. Not only do you not contact you, but also “erase” you by blocking all your contacts and social media.

What should you do when you are ghosted?

Face reality. Accept the fact that your partner has left you. This is the time for you to decide to move on. People who are ghosting also show that they don’t respect your feelings. Hence it is better to forget him and start a new life.

Allow your feeling. You can feel sad or angry. Give yourself time to feel those feelings. Try to let go of your obsessive thoughts, lest you fall into hurt feelings. Open your heart to yourself with an extra dose of self-love.

Avoid self-blame. Don’t blame yourself and don’t let the behavior and attitudes of others reduce self-esteem. Don’t worry too much and know that ghosting is more about the perpetrator and not about you. You can’t make someone love you, maybe he is not the right person for you and is not the last choice to be your partner.

Do not get in touch. When you really feel like texting or calling that person, think about how you will feel later. Put limits on yourself and know what you can accept and what you cannot accept.

Do not isolate your self. Go back to your life, make plans with friends, and enjoy the things you want to do. Take a break, don’t be too hasty into a new relationship.