4 Signs When A Man Feels Lonely


4 Signs When A Man Feels Lonely

It is undeniable that men and women are two different creatures. However, nowadays many people think that women are the only ones who suffer. Peop

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It is undeniable that men and women are two different creatures. However, nowadays many people think that women are the only ones who suffer. People often forget that guys also often face extraordinarily difficult problems. In society, men are always judged as strong individuals who can solve any problem. But in reality, guys sometimes need help too.

Loneliness is one of the most common health problems that experts are paying attention to. In love, these feelings can have an unfavorable influence on the course of the relationship. A lonely person only wants to be close to get rid of the negative feelings that are in him, not because of the affection he has for others. As a result, the love story will not run in harmony, it will not even last long.

One of society’s assumptions for men is that men never feel lonely. This assumption is clearly misguided. The fact is that guys are much lonelier than girls. Here is why.

1. He has a lot of free time

Not everyone is willing or able to admit that they are lonely. However, there are some attitudes that they show when they feel it. Launching from Elite Daily, these are the visible signs when men feel lonely.

A common sign that a lonely man has is that he always has a lot of free time. If your partner or date always says he doesn’t have anything to do on the weekends, or plans he wants to do in his spare time, chances are he doesn’t have many friends or is often alone. Romance experts say if you are the only source of activity he has, consider that a bad sign of him.

2. Man has less friends than woman

Survey data from the Movember Foundation assisted by YouGov Investigation shows that 12% of guys don’t have friends to talk to seriously. Of the remaining 88%, only 54% have more than one friend to talk to about serious issues such as fears, worries, and so on.

Furthermore, data from YouGov shows that 9% of the sample they studied said they had forgotten the last time they saw their friend. What’s more, 43% of men never express their affection for their friends or the girl they like.

From the data above, it is clear that men are very lonely creatures. Our society only pays attention to how to treat girls well, but forgets about how to treat guys well. Not girls, but guys who really need great attention from the surrounding environment and friends. This fact is still rarely known by the people around us.

People often think that boys are creatures that are quite immune to anything. They also often think that guys never have problems. Hopefully with the pinpoint data above, people will begin to realize that boys and girls have the same big problem.

3. Not really into relationship

When a guy admits he doesn’t want to be in a serious or long-term relationship, you need to trust him. There is a possibility if he keeps you by his side to get rid of the loneliness he feels. “If he said that once, don’t ignore it. Even if you and him have spent a lot of time together, he said it was not without reason,” said Stef Safran, a matchmaker from Chicago.

When you know that, try to reduce the time you spend with him, especially if he is persuaded to want to be by his side.

Or it could be that if he just broke up and is approaching you, it’s a sign that a man is only using you to fill the loneliness he feels. Especially if he still often talks about his ex, or expresses his sadness when his ex has moved on, you can draw two conclusions: He can’t get away from his ex and only uses you to get rid of his loneliness.

Romance cannot cure the loneliness and loneliness that you or others feel. On the other hand, it can add to the loneliness in the heart. Therefore, experts do not advise those who are lonely to be in a relationship with anyone. When you notice that your partner or date is feeling lonely, tell them to work on it on their own. Because he is the only one who can get rid of that feeling. Not you, not anyone else.

4. Susceptible to disease

One of the most dangerous things that guys face today is their susceptibility to disease. Still from the data taken by YouGov, it turns out that the diseases that are often experienced by boys are triggered by one of the feelings of loneliness they experience. Data shows that boys have a higher chance than girls to experience depression which eventually leads to more severe physical illness.

The problem in this case is that men themselves sometimes don’t realize that they are actually very lonely. The majority of guys, especially those who grew up in a highly patriarchal environment like Indonesia, never feel lonely. But “not feeling” and “not experiencing” are two very different things.

When a guy refuses to admit that he’s really lonely, it means he’s repressing the feelings he has. This is what ultimately makes many guys feel depressed, they are afraid to admit that they are actually very lonely.