5 Way To Bring Back Romance In Your Marriage


5 Way To Bring Back Romance In Your Marriage

Marriage is unique. It does not matter you've been married for months or years, sooner or later you may start loosing your spark for your partner.

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Marriage is unique. It does not matter you’ve been married for months or years, sooner or later you may start loosing your spark for your partner. “It’s hard to keep a marriage going over the long term,” said April Masini, a relations expert and advice columnist. But a lack of desire is something you can overcome – and even rebuild. “Keeping your marriage hot increases your chances of keeping your relationship commitments,” he said. Here is the tips how to maintain the spark in your relationship.

1. Take your partner out of the bedroom. 

Sex can be boring too sometimes, especially when you do it in the same place every time. It is time to keep sex and your relationship fresh by breaking out of the bedroom. Take some short trip with your partner would be a good idea to shake up your romance. “Something as simple as a new hotel room or a new city will give you both the opportunity to look at each other with new eyes.” says Masini.

2. Sending gift for no special occasion.

Let’s remember the time when you were still dating. You send each other love notes, love texts, and send surprises. As time went on, the habit of surprising one another may have faded away. It’s time, Masini says, to take surprises back into your schedule. You do not need to wait for special event such as her or his birthday, our your wedding day, to express your love. “Sending love notes, flowers and gifts shows your partner that you appreciate him or her and it’s not just rote,” Masini explains.

3. Book a day for a date. 

As you and your spouse getting busy with works or house chores, you will start feeling like a robot to each other. Take some romantic time with your partner to slow down, relax in a date. You can plan your date, dating helps to reconnect your feelings to your spouse. It’s essential to connect over the course of a long term marriage.

4. Tempt your spouse often. 

It may seem like your flirting phase has come and gone, but you can still tease and flirt your spouse. You can call your partner up during the day and talk sexy, or give a little surprise on what you wear tonight. “Compliment your partner by telling him or her how hot he or she is, what you like best about sex with him or her, and what you want to do with him or her later that evening.” When you let your partner know how much he or she turns you on, “you’re recreating that dating feeling and stimulating your marriage,” Masini says.

5. Hold hands.

“Hand holding is one of the first shows of affection, and one of the first to be discarded when a relationship gets a little dull,” says Masini. She believes holding hands is the most pure, simple, and romantic way to show you’re connected — that you matter. Science also has proven that this ordinary behaviour can trigger the chemical reactions in minds to make people feel loved, happy, cared for, and respected.