Leave Him Wanting More: Effective Ways to Make Him Miss You

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Leave Him Wanting More: Effective Ways to Make Him Miss You

Discover proven tips on how to make him miss you, but remember to keep it casual. These tips are not absolute dating rules, so assess the situation and tailor them to your guy's personality. Explore the art of creating longing and anticipation in your relationship.

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When a relationship is new, everything is hunky dory. You both like each other a lot, you send each other cute good night texts, you dream about each other all nights, you can’t stop talking about each other… But with the passage of time, the texts become fewer and date nights start to dry up. Now, this is normal in every relationship but if you’re missing the spark that the two of you once had, don’t worry! We’ll tell you exactly how to ignite it again.

8 Best Tips How to Make Him Miss You

Please do understand that these tips are to be used as mere tips – and not as unwritten rules of dating. It’s entirely possible that, due to your guy’s nature or personality, they may not work in your favor. So do assess the situation before trying out these things with him.

1. Give him some space

The biggest mistake that 99% of new couples make is to be in each other’s side 24×7. I understand the need to be together all the time; however, what this pans out is that either or both parties eventually tire of each other and spend less time together. Not to mention the fact that since society expects men to be less emotionally demanding, they’re the ones who covet their space more than women. So if you’ve been texting him, calling him, messaging or even tagging him daily, stop! Not suddenly, of course, because that would make him suspicious. Reduce what you’re doing, and give him the opportunity to actually miss you.


2. Find other ways to busy yourself

Some women cling to their men because they have nothing better to do. Guess what? You need to get a life. Get out of your house and meet new people. Introvert? No problem. Make new friends on social networking sites. Friends not your thing? Go to a hobby class or do something that you’re passionate about. Whatever it is, you need to spend your time not clinging to your guy so that he can get enough time to miss your absence in his life.

3. Gifts are great!

The easiest way of how to make him miss you is to indirectly make your presence felt in his life. And what better way to do that than by gifting him something he’ll cherish? There are several ways of going about this.

You can gift him something like pillow covers, a bed-sheet set, or other things he will literally sleep on top of, which will make him think of you every night before he falls asleep.

You can also gift him a nice perfume, aftershave, soap, shampoo, things he uses on a regular basis. The moment he smells that particular scent, your image will pop up in his mind.

You can also invest in something more expensive, like ties, watches or shoes –things he would wear to special occasions. Just make sure that whatever you buy is actually liked by him.


4. Leave behind something “accidentally”

If you think gifts are a little too much for you at this point in your relationship, then leave behind something! A cute earring, bracelet or even a bra – anything that you feel can excite his memory, leave it behind! Not in plain sight, of course, but somewhere like in between two pillows or beneath the sofa. Make it appear as if you’ve genuinely lost it, and not placed it somewhere deliberately! Plus, this will give you an opportunity to see him again, sooner than expected because he has to return your belongings to you.

5. Take things slower… slower than him

This is one of the best methods on how to make him miss you. The thing is, a lot of women rush into relationships, as a result of which everything crashes and burns. Some women, while maintaining a decent pace, still end up losing their partners emotionally, simply because things aren’t going as slow as he wants. Well, guess what? Things are gonna go glacial slow now. Put the brakes on. When he sees things are not going as fast as he wants, it’s gonna make him impatient – he will be the one who wants to move things faster. So that’s one goal achieved for you. The other, of course, is making him yearn for you more.

6. Become active on social media

And by active, I don’t mean going into overdrive. Upload photos of yourself with friends, colleagues, family or even strangers! Show him you have a life beyond him and you’re having fun without him. Seeing you like this without him is sooner or later gonna make him wanna spend more time with you. And when that does happen…


7. Don’t say yes immediately

Tell him you need to check with your friends first if they will allow you to postpone your already scheduled date with them. And then after a few hours or even a day, say yes. Sometimes, say it’s a doctor’s appointment that you can’t miss, and then say no. Don’t make an excuse and then end up saying yes all the time – he will catch on to you. And then your plan on how to make him miss you will backfire!

8. Take time to get back to him

You don’t always have to jump at your phone or laptop the second he messages you, you know. And even if you do, don’t reply to his message immediately. Show him you have things to do and get back to him when you have the time to. I know it’s difficult, especially if he’s the type that calls you maybe once a day. But if he’s being distant, then you really have no choice but to toughen it up.

In conclusion, it’s important to remember that the tips we’ve discussed in this article are just that – tips. They’re not set-in-stone rules for dating, and everyone’s situation is unique. While these tactics may work for some, it’s crucial to assess the dynamics of your relationship before putting them into practice. Your guy’s nature and personality play a significant role in how he responds to these strategies, so keep that in mind. Ultimately, the key to making him miss you is to be genuine and authentic in your connection. So go ahead and give these suggestions a try, but always trust your instincts and adapt them to suit your specific circumstances. Happy dating!