Creating a Harmonious Home: Professional Insights on Moving In with a Girlfriend


Creating a Harmonious Home: Professional Insights on Moving In with a Girlfriend

Discover the essential considerations and expert advice for a smooth transition when moving in with your girlfriend. Learn about effective communication, shared responsibilities, and maintaining a healthy relationship while cohabiting. Trust our professional guidance to ensure a successful and harmonious shared living experience.

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You and your girlfriend have been dating for so long and you are pretty sure that she is “The One”. There’s no doubt that you love each other and both of you are willing to compromise, and so you think of moving in together. Both of you are excited and you can’t think of anything that could go wrong. For you, moving in together is not even a decision that you need to make, but it is what you really want to do because you want to be with her. This is a big step forward for your relationship, but if this is not planned carefully, it might only cause stress for both of you. This article will give you twelve tips if you are planning to live with your girlfriend under the same roof.

Moving In with Girlfriend

1. Talk about your future finances

Don’t hesitate to talk with your girlfriend about your finances before you get an apartment. See if you have enough money for the monthly bills and for your daily needs. And most importantly, don’t be afraid to have an agreement on who should pay what. By doing so, you will be helping each other by knowing your responsibilities in the house.

2. Get rid of useless stuff

While some of your valuables may have sentimental value, you must take in consideration that there are now two of you who share the same space. Weed out things that you no longer use, unless you and your girlfriend will be living in a mansion where there will be ample space for your things. You might also want to consider the idea that there can be money on your items, so why not try selling them to collectors?

3. Know each other’s expectations

Another advice on your “moving in with girlfriend” decision is to sit down and talk about your expectations. It is very important to know what both parties want from the relationship. For example, how do you plan to live together? How are you going to divide the chores? Can you have pets in the house? Talking about your expectations will help you live harmoniously together. And don’t be afraid to ask.

4. Let go of your bad habits

Once you have decided to move in with your girlfriend, this means that you should also consider her not only in your decisions but with the way you live your life. You need to start removing your bad habits when you were still single. You and your girlfriend are now teammates. If you used to party all night, now is the time to come home early and help her prepare dinner or other chores.

5. Spend quality time together

You are living together, but that does not mean you don’t have to date anymore. Continue dating each other because this will make you relive the romance in your relationship, though this can also make the spark disappear when your dates become boring. The best thing you can do when this happens is to surprise your girlfriend from time to time. For example, surprise her by preparing a romantic candle-lit dinner and some flowers.

6. Don’t forget your friends

While it is important to prioritize your girlfriend because you are now living under one roof, never forget that you have friends too. Don’t cut your connection with your friends just because you are focused too much on your girlfriend. This is one common problem among men who are moving in with girlfriend. You still need your friends in order to grow as a person which will help you become better on your relationship too.

7. Be independent

Even if you and your girlfriend are now teammates in life, you are still two individual persons who need to grow at your own space. Make time for yourself and pursue your hobbies. Let your girlfriend do the same thing and be happy when she finds time to be with her friends or when she wants to do something alone. Taking care of yourself is not being selfish, but a way to mold yourself to become a better partner.

8. Delegate tasks

Your girlfriend being the woman of the house does not mean she should be the one doing all the household chores. And if this is what you think, get a helper instead. Divide your responsibilities on who should do what based on your skills and preferences. For example, she can’t do the laundry because she’s allergic to the detergent, but she’s good in ironing clothes. You hate to do the dishes but you’re a good cook. Again, you are a team.

9. Accept changes

When moving in with girlfriend, you need to accept a lot changes. Since you and your girlfriend are now domestic partners, you will see things that you’ve never seen when you were just dating, and you can’t do anything about it but to accept. For example, your girlfriend has always been the hot chick you picked up on her house. Now, you can’t avoid seeing her on her sweaty pajamas and doing some chores, and you still love her.

10. Even your sex life will change

Unlike when you only see each other once a week, you two are excited for sex and you make time for it. But now that you always see each other, you can’t deny the fact that there will be changes. According to experts, couples who start living together have sex less often. The best thing to do is to change your expectations. You can always be intimate with each other without having sex. Cuddling can always do wonders.

11. Make your set-up clear

Now this one is crucial, and you need to make this clear to your girlfriend. Some women are left heartbroken because their boyfriend did not marry them even if they were already living together. Another advice on your decision of “moving in with girlfriend” is not to move in together if you don’t have plans on marrying her. Moving in is almost synonymous to engagement. So please, don’t break a woman’s heart by giving false hopes.

12. Don’t give up on each other

Moving in together was your choice, and you should stand up for this decision. Live and learn together. There will be times when you’ll meet rough roads on your relationship, and you can’t just leave when you want to, you’re partners remember? Struggles cannot be avoided but if you choose to be on each other’s side, this will make your relationship grow stronger.