6 Ways to Get Rid of Loneliness When Depression Strikes


6 Ways to Get Rid of Loneliness When Depression Strikes

Depression is one of the hardest mental conditions to deal with. The symptoms are hard to spot but often start with a feeling of boredom, lose enthusi

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Depression is one of the hardest mental conditions to deal with. The symptoms are hard to spot but often start with a feeling of boredom, lose enthusiasm for activities we normally enjoy, or begin to feel lonely a long time.

However, when you feel tired and trapped in solitude, this is a great time to encourage yourself to stay active doing everything that will help you calm down and get energized again. Resist the inner voice that haunts you and that says nothing can make you feel better. Remember, giving in to negative energies will only make depression more of you.

Here are some ways you can deal with loneliness and feelings of depression, among other things:

1. Reading books or watching movies

Sometimes, when things are difficult, reading a book, watching a movie, or TV series with content and storylines (or characters) that are familiar to you will give you the opportunity to momentarily escape from reality to another world for a few moments.

Reading or watching shows that give you all the details about your thought processes, emotions, and situations can be very comforting and relaxing. You will feel that what you experience does not only happen to you, so you are not alone. This will certainly help you overcome the loneliness that arises when depression hits.

2. Having pets

Studies show that there are benefits from interactions with pets could be one of the ways you try to improve the quality of mental health and overall life, including overcoming depression. Pets can be your friends when you are alone. They can behave as friends who listen to your stories and accompany you to do your activities.

So, play with your favorite cat or dog. If you don’t have a pet, try visiting the nearest cats cafe or dogs cafe, if you have one. You can also look for the nearest animal shelter, and offer volunteer help to look after the animals that are there.

3. Joining online forums or local communities

Few people are willing to talk about their mental health struggles. In fact, when they do, the effect will be felt very real to other people who listen to them. This could be one way to let them know that we are not alone and can keep fighting.

Joining online forums or local communities around where you live will help you know that many people from all over the world are experiencing what you are experiencing right now. This method can certainly help you overcome and eliminate the feelings of loneliness that arise when depression.

Some of the sites and online forums that can help you are donkeydiri.net, Whisper, Yik Yak, IMAlive, Trevor Space, Healthful Chat.

4. Seek some professionals for help

The suggestion of finding a therapist can be daunting, but having someone who understands your situation and you can talk to can help you understand more deeply about yourself and your mental health. This method can certainly overcome the loneliness you feel, so that you can rise from the depression that torments you.

5. Open up to your closest people

It’s natural to feel burdensome or annoying other people, especially your parents and close friends. Especially if you often call or send chat for help. But remember, your ability to recognize, embrace, and talk about your condition is a huge accomplishment.

The people you love will certainly always support you through this difficult time. Talking to them when you are feeling heavy during times of depression can be a helpful way to help you deal with the loneliness and sadness you feel.

6. Save emergency calls

If you’re in a pinch or just need to talk to someone, never hesitate to call for help that specializes in helping people in a variety of situations, suicide attempts, psychiatric problems, and other emergencies.

This method can help you deal with depression or even an emerging suicidal feeling.

Please search a list of hotline numbers in your own country, such as the numbers of: emergency calls, prevention of suicide, and other numbers for counselling on mental issues.

And remember, asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak.