Men are Rated More Stress When They are Single, Is That True?


Men are Rated More Stress When They are Single, Is That True?

Everyone in relationships doesn't always end up happily. There are times when problems come and go until finally the relationship ends. Well, recently

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Everyone in relationships doesn’t always end up happily. There are times when problems come and go until finally the relationship ends. Well, recently research has found that men tend to feel more stressed out without a partner than women. In other words, women are considered more capable of living single than men. Is that true?

Why do men feel more stressed without a partner than women?

A study from a British research center, Mintel, found that only 49 percent of men are happier when they are single than when they had a partner. Meanwhile, 61 percent of women are happier being single than having a partner.

Moreover, the facts show that men date or remarry more quickly in the past year after the end of the relationship. As many as 75 percent of women chose not to start a new relationship within the last one year, while men were 65 percent. This implies that man are more prone when they are single compared to woman.

Professor Emily Grundy, from the University of Essex, England said that many studies have shown that single women are generally more involved in social activities so that they have many friends. The opposite is true for men. Single men socialize less to occupy their time.

In fact, compared to women, men do not face great social pressure due to not having a partner. But according to Jack Duckett, an observer from Mintel, believes that the cause of stress in single men is due to their characters who prefer to keep their feelings alone. This is because most men do not talk about problems or confide in those closest to them. Unlike women who tend to be open to telling the problems they face, men are more selective in choosing friends to confide in.

One of the people who are usually his confidants in sharing his feelings is a partner. Therefore, when a man becomes single, he will lose a place that is considered comfortable to be able to talk to and pour out all his heart and mind.

On the other hand, women are usually more likely to share stories and sadness with anyone, especially their closest friends. Women can easily pour out what they feel as a form of outpouring of the heart to lighten the burden that is on their hearts and minds. That way women find it easier to get entertainment and support from close friends to move on after a failed relationship.

The good news is that being single can be a place for self-reflection

Regardless of your gender, being single and enjoying being alone can be an advantage. Clarissa Silva, a psychologist from the United States, says that being single will help you to be more emotionally mature for a more serious phase of life.

People who are single after breaking up will have time for self-introspection. In addition, living without a partner can also increase self-awareness. Behind the sadness of the separation that you just experienced, you can use it to improve yourself rather than mourn it. You can reflect on yourself to find out which traits you need to improve and improve and which ones need to be discarded away.

Besides, being single is not the end of everything. Being single means enjoying freedom in a different way. You can do anything you want that may have been within the red limits of the rules your partner previously set. Of course, in positive terms, for example, going for a walk enjoying nature and hanging out with closest friends. You can also use solitude to focus on exploring your abilities to improve yourself. Especially for man, single may be the start of the new adventure for their life.