I am Single & Very Happy


I am Single & Very Happy

Many consider someone without a partner will be unhappy. In fact, that is obviously wrong. There are many things that can make a single happy, maybe e

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Many consider someone without a partner will be unhappy. In fact, that is obviously wrong. There are many things that can make a single happy, maybe even less burdened on the mind than those who are tied to a relationship with a partner.

Interestingly, those who are single also will not spend their time and energy fighting with their partners or even getting divorced one day. Of course, this also comes back to each individual. The ability to deal with conflict is crucial.

The reason why singles are happy

Relationship status is not a parameter of whether a person is happy or not. The idea that those who are single are lonely is obsolete and irrelevant.

Here are some reasons why you don’t have to have a partner to be happy:

You can enjoy your solitude

Even though your status is still single or single, don’t be embarrassed, let alone insecure. Always be a confident person, always friendly and warm to those around you. Your friendly attitude can make other people fall in love with you and feel comfortable with you. The chance to get a mooring heart will be even greater. Your friendly attitude will also make you feel happy and happy in your environment.

Love and treat yourself to the maximum

Because of your lonely status, don’t miss this opportunity to love and pamper yourself as best you can. Before other people love you, make sure to love yourself and do what’s best for yourself. Launching from the page elitedaily.com, when other people see you love yourself well, they will easily fall in love with you. Take care of your appearance as best as possible and upgrade your knowledge so that you become a more classy and qualified person to be loved.

Enjoy being yourself

We have our own life, our own way of life and our own comfort, so stop to compare ourselves with others. Believe that everyone has their own path of destiny. Comparing yourself with others will only make your mind more confused, increase stress and even depression. Enjoy being yourself and be happy with all your simplicity.

Its time to find out what is your dream and work towards achieving it

Singles give you plenty of time to find out what your dreams are. This also gives you many opportunities to achieve that dream. Make yourself happy by trying to achieve your dreams.

Spend more time with family

So that your single status makes you happy and less lonely, spend your free time with your family. Gathering with your family will make you believe and believe that real love does not only come from your partner but also from your parents, brothers, sisters and other siblings.

More freedom

Commitment to have a partner to offspring will affect the freedom to take steps in life in the future. For those who are single, of course this freedom will be maintained without intervention from the partner.

Thus, the ability to develop themselves further, such as studying in other countries or working in a place far from the family can be taken. What may be restrictive to those who are married and have children will not be so for single people.

Have power over yourself

Singles also have autonomy and can determine their own pace of life. This is a luxury for some. They don’t have to consider other people’s opinions when making important decisions.

Compare with other people who have a partner. Of course there are limitations that cannot be breached when making decisions. Autonomy that was originally private property must be shared with others, namely spouses.