5 Reasons Why Women Want to do Childfree


5 Reasons Why Women Want to do Childfree

Building a family is everyone's dream. After marriage, having children seems to be a must. As a woman, having children is a gift. Some people think th

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Building a family is everyone’s dream. After marriage, having children seems to be a must. As a woman, having children is a gift. Some people think that women will only become complete women when they become mothers. But being a mother is not an easy thing, or something that can be done carelessly. There are women who are immediately blessed with offspring after marriage, and there are women who have to wait to have children. Some other woman also choose not to have children at all (later known as childfree).

What are their reasons? There are many reasons why woman goes childfree.

Enjoying the time for the two of them

Usually, some newly married couples still want to enjoy time together. This can also be caused by routines that are both busy, so that the time for the two of us still wants to be felt longer. It could also be because they want to spend more time getting to know each other.

Not a few women decide to become housewives, but not a few also decide to keep working. Balancing a new role after marriage is very important for women. So by having time together with a partner, it makes women more mature in achieving the vision and mission of having a family.

Financial stability

Couples who choose not to have children can be based on economic factors. They want to build a financially stable household first. This can be an advantage for women who want to build a career first. It cannot be denied that when you have children, it means that a woman’s focus increases. When women do not have children, women can focus on their dreams and make the family financially stable.

Mentally not prepared

Being a housewife or worker both have a certain level of stress. Based on data from the NICHD Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development (SECCYD), being a parent means we have to focus on aspects of mental health, handle conflicts between work and family, be involved in child development in school, and other sensitivities regarding parenting. If a person’s emotional level is not ready, this will greatly affect the child’s family and cognitive development. So choosing not to have children might make sense.

Maximizing social life

Intimacy and household harmony accompanied by a satisfying social life will make life happier. After marriage, there will be changes in social life. Having new responsibilities such as having children is not easy, because it creates restrictions on social life, such as not being able to hang out with friends too often.

Fear of not being able to raise children properly

Seeing the positive side of not having children makes women think twice about having children. However, does having children really mean having a terrifying responsibility?

Today’s children live in a competitive age. They are taught to always be ahead and have innovation. The notion of a “good mother” emerges, when the child achieves achievement. People will praise their parents for being educated. Likewise, when their children are naughty, people will blame their parents. When choosing not to have children, women need not be afraid of that assumption.

Indeed, sometimes women are haunted by failure as mothers to educate their children better. In fact, educating children is the duty of two parties. Being involved in a child’s development from childhood to adulthood can be a wonderful thing. Like we plant a flower, then watch its development until the flower grows. It will be fun.


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    Genee 2 years ago

    Children are not for everyone.I’ve never wanted to be a mom.I adore kids, but they deserve so much better than this present world🥴