What Happen to Man After Break Up


What Happen to Man After Break Up

What happens when girls and boys break up? A breakup usually makes a woman look very hurt and miserable, while a man may look just ordinary. It seems

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What happens when girls and boys break up? A breakup usually makes a woman look very hurt and miserable, while a man may look just ordinary. It seems that a man can carry on with his life as usual without looking upset or sad. What’s more, men usually get new partners faster than women. It hurts when you see an ex-lover you once loved with someone else. You must be thinking, why did he quickly forget you and all the memories that have been passed together. Yes, many women say that men move on faster, but is it true?

Is it true that men move on faster?

Most people used to see that men are calmer in dealing with breakups than women. Men rarely cry and also do not open up to the breakdown of their love relationships. Meanwhile, women who are more emotional can experience heartbreak.

However, what a man shows from the outside is not necessarily the same as how he feels. Men also feel sad and hurt, but they seem more prestigious to show their sadness, so they harbor more and choose to live their life as usual.

Most men are reluctant to tell about the turmoil of their relationship with other people, because they don’t want to be seen as a crybaby. Unlike women, women are more open about their breakup. Men will prefer to spend time with their friends and do other things they couldn’t do when they were in relationships with women. This is what makes men seem to move on more quickly, that’s how they deal with breakups.

Men will find it easier to place relationships that have ended as part of their past. In addition, men also see it as natural to have a new partner immediately after a breakup.

Men may move on faster, but …

Yes, men move on faster, but women are better at healing their hearts, than the hurt experienced by men. According to research from Binghamton University, men are said to be able to move on faster, but their move on is called a fake move on. The term we used when people believe that they already moving on but the heartache they experience is still not completely healed.

The study involved 5,705 people from 96 countries as respondents. The researchers asked the respondents to rate using a number ranging from zero to ten to describe how much pain they felt when they broke their heart.

A value of 0 means that you have not felt any effect, and a value of 10 represents extreme heartache. The results of the study revealed that the mean score of women was 6.84. Meanwhile, men have an average score of 6.58. Women also felt more physically suffering with an average score of 4.21, while men were only 3.75.

Although when they break up, women who experience more heartache, women are quicker to overcome hurt feelings after a breakup. Based on this research, men also have more difficulty in healing their liver wounds completely.

The researchers said men would feel profound losses for a very long period of time and that their wounds would be difficult to heal completely. They will try to make up for what they have lost, but in the end they also realize that the loss they experienced is irreplaceable.

So, if you are man …

There is nothing wrong with accepting and expressing hurt feelings when breaking up. This acceptance will help men to heal their pain. Be honest with yourself and give yourself time to feel the sadness, hurt, or depression that may come with a breakup. That way, in the future men will be better prepared when starting a new relationship.